One thing I liked on the other site, was the ability to post and deals out there. There are some deal njnjas out there, much faster in it than me.

Any thought to having a subthread for deals here?

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Bingo.. now we have one. :smiley:


Maybe @bobbyD can make a tag called "deals" in the event a separate thread is started for each deal (which seems likely).

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Any way preferred is good with me. I love to know when there is a better than list price on things to crave my SH addiction.

But please state clearly which country the deal is in, if relevant.


I saw on a deal site that there's a 3 pack First Alert Z-Wave Smoke and Carbon Monoxide from Costco for $80. I don't know if it's Zwave+ before someone comments ;D

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Here's a link to Costco's web site...

and IF it is the ZCombo-G model, then it appears to be Z-Wave+


Costco, US, Honeywell Dimmers and Switches are on again at 2 each for $49. Very nice deal if you like these switches (I do, work w/out issue for me.) Though the pictures and description on the site is for the older version, I've ordered these already and they are the newer Z-Wave+ versions w/the nice smaller form factor, etc. :slight_smile:


Bump, since this is about to happen everywhere here in the US.

These are a really good deal too. They cannot control a.light without pairing or association. But they are zwave plus and I use them to control my hue lights which are wired to permanently have power.