Dealing with Zigbee Issues - Gotta love those Crees

When I looked at my routing table last night, I don't believe any of them wer repeating on or off of anything, but i'm working from memory. I'll address the bulbs first. I prefer switches to those things. it was a whim. Maybe I'll give my ST hub to my friend and all of the crees with it? I'd like to add more switches, but I can't remember which brand doesn't require a neutral. My house has some plugs wired without neutrals. It's great. Which is the purpose of the bulbs in those areas, or switched outlets.

WHy not keep the ST hub, put the Crees on it, and use them from Hubitat using HubConnect?

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that thing gives me nightmares. But, you're probably right. I might do that just to see.

It does take a little effort to setup, but HubConnect just works ..... I'm sharing Xiaomi sensors from one HE to another using HubConnect.

Sigh - I know. I used it when I migrated to HE. Turning that off was the best day of my life. I did it on New years 2018 at midnight. It was memorable. I suppose It's worth a shot to see how things do. It's ONLY a few things. Right?
Let it be known, though, if this solves my problem, I'm buying another HE hub.

You must mean HubLink and not HubConnect. HC is way better - it's extremely likely you'll really like it.

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This is how it starts, 1... 2... 3..... I am on 4 hubs including my dev hub......


GASP! What do you use 4 hubs for???

1 Zigbee hub, 1 Zwave hub, both only with stock apps, 1 coordinator hub with all kinds of custom code and cloud integrations. Using HubConnect to tie it all together
1 Development hub... Best purchase that made my wife stop yelling at me when I broke things.....

Oh, and then there is that Hue bridge and the Lutron bridge....

My gosh! It's like your own personal brand of METH! HAhaha! I don't have that much stuff. I can barely wrap my head around all that.

It's a hobby. Some people collect coins or stamps and I collect hubs/bridges :rofl:

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So I'll ask this: Is there an easy alternative to sylvania strips?

Don't do it!!! :wink: You've manager to kick the ST habit... don't fall back into the ST trap! :wink:

(just kiddding, of course)

Please do pay attention to the Zigbee channel the ST hub chooses, in case you decide to use it again. No reason to create a conflict between two hubs.

If you really want to keep the Xiaomi devices, I would recommend you replace the Peanut Plugs with IKEA Tradfri outlets instead. They are one of the only zigbee repeaters know to behave well with Xiaomi devices.

Personally, I'd replace all of the Xiaomi sensors with the Iris v2 3326-L sensors. They can still be bought from the same reliable seller on ebay that we've all been using this year.|parentrq%3A033679ac16e0a4e884014acdfff2b45b|iid%3A1

And, I'd replace the Cree bulbs with Sengled bulbs, or smart switches as you mentioned may be an option. Lutron Caseta dimmers can work without a neutral wire, but you'll need a Lutron SmartBridge PRO2 to integrate Caseta devices with Hubitat.

As for the Sylvania/Osram/Lightify stuff... you could look at using Sengled offerings as well, if there is still stability issues in your Zigbee mesh.

Perhaps just adding a few more good Zigbee repeater outlets (model chosen based on whether or not you have Xiaomi devices still) would help to stabilize things? I have a 2700sqft 2-story home, and I have about 6 Iris 3210-L outlets spread around my house to establish a strong mesh network.

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I threw that question out there once pertaining to how we really beat up our hubs. Referencing WebCoRE I wondered if we are causing some of these issues becuase of the way we set up some of our rules. Some are less than efficient. Some don't need to be in rule manager, but we do it because we like it. When in the long run, we're just causing bottlenecks and conflicts because we're not properly placing things where they need to be in the apps most intended to perform that task. Does that make sense>

I KNOW! I get anxious just thinking about it!
As far as the sensors - I'm considering replacing those xiaomi sensors. I actually really like the iris ones. Maybe I'll buy another lot of them.

So getting rid of the xiaomi sensors, can I still use the peanuts?

It does. And I think it is a valid point. When it comes to apps, community or stock, we always ask for more features. More features means more code means more processing requirements means more errors etc.

I have slowly but surely reduced the amount of rules I use in my system. I reduced them by coding simple small fast apps that only do the intended thing instead of having all the features in an app that I don't need.

I really think about what kind of app I install. As an example, I do use Echo devices for announcements. But that is all that I do with it, only announcements. There is the great Echo Speaks app that has a gazillion of great features. But all that code needs processing time. I don't need all these features so I stick with the much simpler Alexa TTS Manager.

I think it would make quite an impact taking a step back and really looking at what we are trying to accomplish and if we use the right tools to do so. Sometimes we try to use a hammer to work with a screw


I am an Iris,Ikea and Peanut snob, so I can verify they play nicely.


I'd like to use echo for announcements, but trying to tell which alexa driver/app should be used is getting tough. So I'm not alone on that. Maybe I should learn groovy so I can break my own stuff.

Well, good Sir, we can be snob knobby together cuz I'm becoming fond of those little guys.