Dealing with power cycles and zigbee bulbs

Having a specific, but probably not unique issue. I have a series of Zigbee bulbs which are hooked up to RM based on sunset/sunrise timers with a button click override. They appear to be randomly turning on.

My theory is that there’s an issue in the electrical line that causes them to power cycle periodically, resulting in them reverting to their “on” state. I don’t think there’s an issue with HE as I don’t see any log entries at all.

While I try and debug/address the root issue, is there a clever way to have HE periodically check to see if the bulb is on or off and then set them back to their prescribed state (based on the original sunset/sunrise conditions)?

Let me know if this isn’t totally clear.

Easiest way would be to create a rule that asks for a refresh of the bulb state (state may be out of sync if there was a power drop) and then checks it for compliance, and set it to run every X minutes.

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That ostensibly would address the sunset/sunrise conditions, but wouldn't work for button presses. So, basically, the setup i have now uses select times as trigger events to set the lights. Which allows me to easily override them via button presses at any point throughout the rest of the day.

What's the easiest way for RM to remember the last known state (either activated via button press or time trigger)?

Could look at storing it into a Global Variable (or 2) at change. The variable would be available for comparison at the time of change; if you used two you could have lastChange and priorToChange

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That makes sense. Never played around with global variables before, but I assume they're pretty straightforward. I'll look around the forum for some documentation or walkthroughs. If you know of anything that would help, please do share.

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