Deal on V1 Iris DW contacts

Bought 8 of these DW contacts from this seller for $32 incl shipping - he accepted my offer.

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I purchased from him too! All came brand new. Batteries were at 85% but that's ok. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up!

I just bought these. It looks like he has even larger sets of these if someone is looking for 20 or 40 packs for pretty cheap.

$30 is his cutoff for offers

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I paid 32 shipping for 8 total devices

So these gen 1 are fully compatible with HE? Are they zigbee or z-wave or z-wave plus?

They are zigbee. They work fine with Hubitat. They signal temperature, open/closed and tamper. Comes with a battery that has 85%.

I understand that the Hubitat Elevation hub is compatible with Iris for Lowes 1st gen door/window sensors, 2nd gen keypad, and more.
My question is: in order to pair Iris with Hubitat do I have to copy and paste code? Or, is it easy to do?
I tried to factory reset the sensors but they won't reset. Can I still use Hubitat?


I have over 100 Iris sensors paired to Hubitat and they work well. Pairing to Hubitat is fairly easy once the device has been factory reset. I haven't see any Iris device that would not factory reset so I have to question if you are doing this correctly.

This may help:

After you successfully factory reset an Iris Zigbee device (v1, v2, or v3), you can pair it directly to Hubitat with no custom code (i.e. drivers) required. You do need to know whether the device you are pairing is a v1 device, as there is a special Zigbee device pairing option specific to v1 Iris devices.

do I need the Iris hub to reset my Iris sensors and keypad? sensors are v1 keypad is v2.

do I need the Iris hub to reset my Iris sensors and keypad? sensors are v1 keypad is v2.

did you look at the YouTube videos that were linked above? There are videos on how to reset pretty much all of the Iris sensors...


I finally got my Iris V2 keypad and all window/door sensors working. Its a learning curve for sure.
Hubitat support its not very helpful and they're slow to respond but the Hubitat Community is terrific.
Now I'm looking for a water sensor, what brand should I get?
Thanks for all your help

I like the Iris v2 water sensors. I have bought from the ebayer multiple times. Try the make an offer option to get them for a slightly lower price.

The other popular choice is the current Samsung water sensor.