Dead siren?

I have an Ecolink siren (ISZW7-ECO)

Suddenly it has quit making sounds. I first tried power cycling my hub in case it was a z wave issue. Then I tried excluding and re adding it.

The states seem to change when I sent commands but the siren still doesn't make any sound.

I'm using the native Ecolink Chime Siren driver.

Is it possible that I should unplug it and let the battery run down so it "restarts"?

Since I reincluded it I don't have the full tones list in the device page.

@rwclements228 have you had this issue with yours?

The only issue I have had with either of mine (I have two of them) is that one of them stopped playing custom announcements. That issue was corrected by removing the microSD card and then reinstalling it. You might try using the "Configure" and "Refresh" button in the driver to see if that helps.

Tried both of those. Currently I am letting the battery run down in an attempt to "reboot" it.

It has full response other than sounds.

Update. After several days of waiting, the battery finally died and it got plugged in again. Successfully restarted and now operating correctly. Damn that was annoying.


How odd. Wonder what made it go off the rails like that?

I suspect you could have reset the chime/siren without having to let the battery discharge.