Dead-end Editing State in RM4.0

I'll start off with a brief explanation of what I am attempting to do...

I have a rule, "Master Fan Overnight", which fires on temperature change in the master BR. Currently, if the mode is Night, it fires regardless. Now that it is Fall, I realize I need to change it to only fire if thermostat mode is 'cool'. I have a condition already created that checks thermostat mode.

When I click to edit the rule actions (see screenshot #1 below), it takes me a screen that doesn't allow me to edit the conditional expression to add the new condition to the existing conditional expression (see screnshot #2). It also doesn't include a Cancel button. I'm basically at a dead end unless I return to the App List.

Any ideas, anyone? @bravenel

Thank you in advance!

You need to complete that expression to get out of the loop your are stuck in. Just put an AND and maybe use the same condition.
When you have saved it you should be able to go back in and now edit that expression. Hopefully. :wink:

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Thanks for the reply! I couldn't do what you suggested..."...complete that expression", per se. But, your suggestion triggered an idea. I had to ADD a temporary condition, which resulted in a concatenated 'garbage" expression without a logical operator (wish I had screen captured the garbage expression, because I'm pretty sure it's a RM bug). At that point, I was able to get out of the loop, delete the expression fully, and re-create the expression the way I wanted it (see below). Either way, you helped.

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