Dead device?

i have this switch that's spamming the log. Is the device dying? it's still controllerable.

What brand? GE/Jasco devices do this when the switch has failed. I just had one do this the other day and I had to replace. The blue LED was blinking.


Yup GE/Jasco... Replacement coming.. I can hear it clicking physical. Another died like that last week too.


Was this the Z-wave version or Zigbee?


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I have the Zigbee version and when they fail (I only have had two failures) it does not cause this issue.

If you are buying a new one anyway maybe consider the Zigbee version?

They have a 5 year warranty

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Definitely use the warranty!!!

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tried them.. they want receipts for them which I can't find.


Yikes. I guess now you can buy the Zigbee version.

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They have inventory on Amazon.

Yeah when it rains it pours I guess. Just got another failure. Same thing.. clicking sound and log flooding. Must have been the recent wind stormthat caused power flickered the past few days.


I am assuming you tried a factory reset as well as removing and adding the Z-wave device?

If you want to be adverterous maybe get a Hub Pro and go with Lutron Caseta. Those devices are extremely reliable. I would get the new Diva or Claro versions. You can find good prices on e-Bay.

Just a thought?

No I'm replacing them with the UltraPro brand for now. Planning to leave these here when I move to another house anyway.

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Those do look cool and they are not as expensive.

Just going to have to not have lights in the kitchen for a few days until Amazon delivery. Need ear plugs for a few days cuz wife will be complaining. Need to buy a few spare switches.

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I had a similar story. I started with GE switches and switched to Zooz about halfway through. Fast forward to a month or so ago, we had a power outage. We power came back, I had one in a three gang box that died. When I put the replacement in, I flip the breaker back on and a second one had died in the same box. Get that sorted, then a week later, another power outage and two more go.

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Call support again and hopefully you get a different rep. If you don’t have a receipt they may ask you send in the bad switches but usually with in 10 days you get replacements. The 17XX switches have been very problematic for me. Warranty replaced over 30.


I was able to find the receipt from Lowes for them. I actually have 3 of the 17xx that are behaving the same. Hopefully they'll replace them soon.

Thanks all for the information