Daylight saving

so can anyone tell me how to enable daylight saving for my time zone? GMT/UTC???

thanks for you help, kinda thought it would be very obvious in the settings maybe im missing something?

Since the Hubitat hub is effectively a Linux computer, the time should update based automatically based on various Internet time servers. I live near Chicago and my time is currently being shown as Central Daylight Time (CDT).

When the time changes back to standard time in the USA on Sunday, November 7 at 02:00, computers, cell phones, and your Hubitat should all change appropriately. When you establish your location information in the Hubitat setup, this tells Hubitat which time zone your are in and whether your locality observes DST or not. As long as your locality is set appropriately in the Hubitat hub sittings Localization page, you should be good to go. That page also determines whether temperatures are reported in degrees F or C. Go to:

/"hub ip address"/ location/edit/

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Where are you located?

I thought this would be the case, but why is there an option to update time from browser?

If you should lose internet connection and you hub powers down/up the time may be incorrect. This gives you the option of updating the time from your browser to set it to the correct time. Just one example.
I'm in the UK and use Europe/London as a time zone and have not had any issues with DST.


If you click on the "update time from browser" I presume you are manually synchronizing the time shown in your Hubitat with an Internet time server. That insures the time will be accurate within a few milliseconds, if that is important to you. I am certain Hubitat updates the time periodically, but I do not know the frequency of the updates since the operating firmware is proprietary. The option to manually update the time allows you to do an extra update check should it be needed. Under "normal" circumstances, it should not be necessary to do so. If you have something that must be triggered at a precise time, then it might be.

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HI Thanks for the reply, an update time in settings/hub details seems to have sorted it, thanks.

thanks, that sorted it.

Just throwing this out there… There is a community driver to update time as well:

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Thanks for that, think I'll make use of it. My hubs had a few restarts lately, I'm a bit surprised that the time was wrong

Update time from browser could also be used to update the hub in a completely isolated setup where an ntp server is unavailable. For instance one of my hubs runs my travel trailer, should it experience time drift while I'm away from home without a wifi connection I could update time from my cellphone browser.

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