Day of week trigger

It looks like the days of week trigger when you specify a time now required you to specify a time for all seven days.

I have a RM4 that runs on weekdays at 6am and I went in to edit the time and it wants a time specified for Saturday and Sunday as well.

I hit done without specifying a time and noticed in the logs

I got around it by triggering at a specific time of day and then my first line of my rule exits if it’s Saturday or Sunday, so I am not stuck.

Just wondering if this is an intentional or unintentional change.

Hi @bravenel

Would you be able to give me feedback on this?

Please show the rule setup.

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There was a bug reported like this one, fixed in the last release. Does this have the same problem with Rule-4.1 latest release?

I just reproduced what you described an get no error.

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You are correct. I just created a new 4.1 rule and it did not log any errors when I installed it. I thought I had done this yesterday before I posted but I guess I just edited one of my test rules and it wasn’t 4.1 either.

The rule I was editing was RM 4.0. I just cloned it and changed it back and I got the error again.

It’s not a big rule so I will recreate it in 4.1

This was my solution to my problem yesterday.

Thank you for taking the time to look into it. Next time I will debug a little further on my own before posting.

me again.

I just re-entered the rule from scratch. I hit install and get the error. i don't know what i did differently here than the quick test rule i did before. Can you see anything wrong with this?

That's the same bug as before, but in a different context. Fix is going in for it.... Next release.

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Perfect. Thank you.