Day of Week not working properly after upgrade to

I am wondering if anyone else is noticing this issue after upgrading to

All of my rules that were set with the Days of Week Schedule are now triggering every day at the same time even though they are set for specific days of the week.

After one of my Day of Week rules unexpectedly triggered today on Sunday (instead of the scheduled day of Next Friday), I checked the Scheduled Jobs section for the rule and I am seeing that a Scheduled Job is listed for the tomorrow (Monday).

My rules are written in version 4.0.

I tried re-writing the rule in version 5.1, but I am still seeing the same issue.

I will look into this.

Please post a screenshot of the rule.

Here are some screenshots

OK, I can reproduce a failure of this. Will figure out why...

Found it. Fix will be in the next release: 2.3.0 now in beta.

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Great! Glad to hear that you found it.

I will revert back to until 2.3.0 is released.

Thanks very much.

When it comes out, you will need to open the rule and hit Done to get it scheduled correctly.

Ok. I did roll back to and all rules that are scheduled for later in the week are are all still scheduled for tomorrow. I did open one of them up and hit Done to see if it would update the schedule, but it did not.

Does this make sense that I still have this problem after the rollback?

Should I try and rollback to ?

They have a schedule to run every day. But what runs then checks the day to see if it should fire the trigger or not. I can't tell you about the old releases, or when this stopped working as it should. It's pretty easy to test by setting up a dummy rule with a trigger for tomorrow, at some time in the near future. If it fires today at that time you would know it's broken and vice versa. Use logging in this rule for Events and Triggers to see what happens.

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I see that 2.3.0 just got released, so I will update to it. Will the fix apply to rules in Legacy Rule Machine also or only to rules in 5.1?

Read the release notes. I'm not aware of bug fixes for Rule 4.1 (nor of outstanding bugs for it, but there must be some).