DateTime Variables

A. Is it possible to move global variables (DateTime) from one hub to another?
B. If I make these variables local to a rule, (they are only needed in one rule), can I export the rule to another hub?

@bravenel would know for sure.

I just tried and there is no export option under Variables. Hub Mesh doesn’t seem to work for a hub variable either.

From what I can see, that is not possible. You get a Broken Action when the rule is restored (Just tested it).

We have plans to integrate Hub Variables into Hub Mesh. For now, you would have to use a connector in Hub Mesh -- that works.

Doesn’t seem to be an option in the current platform version for Date Variables. I just tried it with a DateTime Connector called « Test ».

The option is not available under the device:

Or in the Hub Mesh (See that there is no device named « Test »):

That's odd. I will look into it.

Probably an overlooked capability.