Database Corruption

If I suspect I might have a little database corruption, how do I correct that?

Do I simply restore my most recent backup, or is there something more I need to do? What if my most recent backup was taken after the corruption?

Soft reset to help solve the corruption. I'd restore the most recent backup file that you suspect may not have the corruption.

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Would a soft reset alone possibly clean up the database corruption? The problem with restoring from a backup is that I made a lot of changes to my rules, virtual devices and dashboards after my most recent backup.

I have to laugh at 'a little database corruption'. Like cops, either you are corrupt or your not!

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@didymus -- I don't think a soft reset could possibly hurt at all, so it's probably worth a shot. If you find you need to still pursue a backup on top of that, cross that bridge then.

You're gonna need a backup to restore from after a soft reset.


Plus, didn't I read somewhere that just the process of doing a backup cleans (some) stuff up?

There is no magic sanitation process behind the Soft Reset. It simply removes the existing database and puts a blank one in, so that you can restore a backup of a database that doesn't have locked up tables.

Not restoring a backup means starting with a brand new database, but devices are still connected to the 2 radios without drivers (Devices page would be blank).


I would suggest to check if you're using the provided power source, once I had the same problem and it was related to the power source. I just substituted it and the problem disappeared.

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