Dashboards with Remote Admin Funny looking & missing many of them

I pay for Remote Admin on my Home HE....When I look at my dashboards on my home PC, they are fine.

When I get to work & look at them they are like this with lots & lots of devices missing:

How do I fix this?

We will look into this problem, however I wanted to mention that you do not need Remote Admin in order to access the dashboard remotely. The built-in dashboard comes with free remote access. You can grab the remote access link from the Dashboard main app (Settings >> Dashboard then click on the dashboard there you will see a cloud link that you can access it virtually from anywhere with an internet connection).

Thank you BobbyD...I have used the cloud link to my main dashboard & it work's fine...it just that when I use the remote admin & look & my dashboards is when this happens...they were all fine a few days ago but this started after a recent HE update a few days ago..this is how they look from cloud link:

I know this is several months old now, but I just now tried again to look at my dash boards using the remote admin while away from home but I still get the same funny looking dash boards as I showed above....however the cloud link to my dash boards work fine as BobbyD showed me/

Just don't know why I still have this problem...should I just delete my dash boards & start over?