Dashboards window empty

Hi Everyone.
If I open the hubitat app on my Android phone I can't see any dashboards as you can see from the image below.

But if I open from the Hubitat web UI I can see it.

How does it work?

Many thanks for any help.

Step one, not using the app, log on to your hub using a browser, accessing the hub's IP. E.g.,
(or whatever your hub's IP is. Preferably, you have the hub set up with a DHCP lease reservation on your router, so that the IP never changes).

Step two, on the Apps page, Dashboard app, create a dashboard (give it a name). Check some devices. That passes (enables) the devices to the dashboard itself. While you might be tempted to check all devices, the more devices you have checked, the slower the dashboard will load. If you don't have a device checked, you will not be able to create a tile for that device on the dashboard. Most people have more than one dashboard, grouping them by function, and only enable the devices that are needed for each dashboard. As you gain more experience, you can add tiles that link to other dashboards so that you can easily navigate from one dashboard to another.

Step three, on the Dashboards page, you should see the dashboard name that you created. Click on that Dashboard, add some tiles for your devices, etc.

Full documentation is here:

Edit: Re-reading, I see that you already have dashboards on your web interface through a browser. Do you have dashboard security enabled? That could be the issue, if not configured properly.