Dashboards stopped loading?

Had anyone else had the dashboardsnin the app stop loading? I have not received any updates, but last night and today my dashboard tab doesn't load. The hubitat logo just spins. Tied
logging out and in, uninstalling and reinstalling. Still just spins. Is anyone else having similar issues?

Everything working here. Does it work when you're not connected to wifi?

Well that was weird. Last night it didn't work on Wi-Fi or cloud. Before or after
log out/ in, or un /reinstall. But just now once i turned off Wi-Fi it worked, then worked once i turned it back on. That's just weird.

probably a cache issue

And it's doing it again. Wi-Fi and cloud.

I can have issues more generally (not just Hubitat) when my Internet connection goes does. My phone doesn't work out that, even though I am connected to the Wi-Fi network, it can't connect to the Internet, so it should use the mobile network for data. If I switch off the Wi-Fi the phone then uses mobile data. Maybe your issue is something similar?

It still happening. I havent had any internet outages, everything else runs just fine. It intmitantly not working on cloud. Sometime it works. Some tumes it won't. I with the exception of our bedroom i use the dahboards more fir monitoring than control. I also use Hubitat Dashboard app, so im not completely out. Its just more anoying really.