Dashboards: Please add periodic browser refresh option

I have a dashboard set up on a Kiosk iPad tablet in my home that I AirBNB for people to control the various home automation items - lights, front door camera view, etc. The house is across the country from me so I can't go in and fiddle with it very often. Due to the location of the home power outages and brownouts happen multiple times a year. When that happens the browser on the tablet loses some of its functionality unless it is refreshed manually. Something that I would rather not have to bug guests about.

Can you please add an option to Dashboards that would allow us to put in a page reload every x seconds or minutes or days? Personally, I would have this happen a couple times a day, maybe. I have seen multiple community posts where this would help their issues as well.

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I second this request and hope my request is similar.

I have been after an automatic programatic means (eg. Chrome extension, Script, etc) to refresh the current iframe of the open Hubitat dashboard tab on my Apple Mac when I reopen the Mac's laptop lid. As it is now, I have to click the "red checkmark" on each of my 4 hub's dashboards to reconnect the dashboards (green checkmark) since the mac was in a low power mode/lid closed condition.

If I periodically refresh all the open browser tabs using a Chrome extension that refreshes all open tabs, the dashboard tabs show the Main Dashboards menu and I have to select and click the dashboard/iframe that I want displayed on each of the 4 tabs.

Any suggestions to programmatically automate this dashboard iframe refresh would be greatly appreciated.

If it's possible I third this request. I've been caught several time opening my IPad and thinking something on the dash wasn't right (even with a green check mark) and having to do a manual refresh to get it right.

I would also love to see an automated refresh as an option on the dashboard. :blush:

Are you using the Fully kiosk browser? Do these options give you what you need?

  • Auto reload website on different events
    • Auto reload on idle, on page load errors (with optional delay)
    • Auto reload when screen goes on, screensaver starts, network reconnects
    • Auto reload when Internet becomes available
    • Remove cookies, history, cache or webstorage on reload
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For my issue, I'm a Apple macOS/iPadOS. Fully is for Android devices.


No, I am using an old iPad, which doesn’t support Fully Kiosk browser.

I suspect you could do this by inserting some JavaScript onto the dashboard that does a page refresh every n hours.

One day I will look into this....


it's a nice method since it can be imbedded below head but :slight_smile: ```
// Refresh the page and bypass the cache

### Pros of Using location.reload(true)

* It ensures that you get the latest content from the server, even if the page is cached.

### Cons of Using location.reload(true)

* It discards the current content of the page, which can result in loss of user input or data.
* It may cause a flickering effect as the page reloads, which can impact user experience.

I don't think so, can you? Hardly a source of truth here but I know I have some tables with embedded JS that doesn't run when I use the dashboard. I presumed that the dashboards block JS execution.

@phil3 You might also look at Hubivue for this. www.hubivue.com and the menus can be much more user friendly.

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Smartly injects custom JS (for doing drop and drag) into dashboards via a virtual device that was added to the dashboard as type JavaScript. That's how I would imagine implementing this.


That's where I'd expect to be heading with this, if you want a custom option, which I am keen to investigate for my CSS editor. Smartly Inject was able to access saving the layout JSON, so would be leveraging that to find what should hopefully be a simple call to the green tick... Famous last words... :slight_smile:


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