Dashboards not correct on switches

My dashboard periodically reports wrong setting for GE Z-Wave + switches on the tiles. It may show them on when they are really off and vice versa. Reloading the dashboards doesn't help. This is in both local & cloud dashboards and it's not just certain switches all the time. These are not custom super tiles either. Any ideas?

There has been lots posted on GE switches and states:

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have you tried using the Z-wave polling app ?

The 12722 is not a Zwave-Plus model sadly, so you'll need to enable Polling as @gdkramer suggested.

Better yet get a couple of Zooz Zen21 or Zen26's, or a newer Jasco/GE/Honeywell Switch and replace them!


Right now, Polling is your only option, other than to simply ignore the issue! Sorry.



One thing to note; with the recent HUB updates I've had to setup a scheduled stop/restart of the polling to keep mine showing accurate (once a day I set mine at 0230 local). I'm looking at the new(er) zwave Plus GE switches (Amazon Link ) but they don't seem to be on the supported list just yet. I just don't want to waste some of the add-on outlets I have in place which is why I keep these around.

Thanks for the replies...I never had a problem with any of these switches on HE until the last 3 or 4 updates to the hub...in fact it seems a lot of my problems started cropping up with the last 3 or 4 updates such as "no response from hub", slow loading of dashboards or no loading at all..it seems lately that I have to reboot the hub on a daily basis....and at times I can't even bring up the main app of the hub to even do a reboot thus I have to pull the plug on the hub to reboot even.

I'll try the Z-Wave poller app to see if it helps with these switches--did not even know it existed as I'm still learning HE.

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If the GE switches you plan on purchasing are Z-Wave Plus, you should have no problem. The Plus is key.