Dashboards - Insert/Delete Rows?

I appreciate that the Hubitat dashboards are not particularly stylish, but I am pretty happy with them. With one exception... I want to be able to Insert or Delete a Row (between existing Rows). Is there some way to do this without rebuilding the entire dashboard?


Maybe I’m misunderstanding the question, but you can add new tiles and move things around afterward by clicking the three dots and using the arrows on the top of the dialog that appears.

Well, for the Dashboard I use for my cell phone, it is only 3 columns wide and 30+ Rows long. I need to add a Row after the existing Row 9. That means that I have to manually move 21 Rows x 3 Icons, down 1 Row. I am really wanting a way to just insert a blank Row after Row 9.

I though that by pre-planning the layout of my Dashboard, I could avoid this problem. But I keep adding new devices to my network which requires that I create new space within the existing Dashboard. You would think that adding devices would be a common occurance.

There's no way in the standard dashboard. But there are 2 options I'm aware of, with drag-drop tile placement:

Try the Smartly add-on...

Or this option... (if you are using an Android phone or tablet)

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