I’m sure this has been asked a million times but I’ll put it forth again. Are there any plans to revamp the dashboard interface?

Ive been using hubitat for close to a year and love it. The dashboard interface? Not so much. Keep up the good work!!!


While no one outside of staff can say for sure, I doubt that this is a priority for them at the moment, and I have not seen mention on the forum of any specific Dashboard improvements coming (besides a fix for a specific issue made in a recent firmware update). I do recall that the current version is a good improvement over the original version, but the developer who seemed to be primarily (entirely?) responsible for it no longer works for Hubitat.

Have you seen Smartly? Most comments I've seen about Dashboard revolve around the appearance, and this is an easy way to "skin" Dasbhoard or get finer control more easily than the manual kind of editing that is already possible can already do (there are lots of options you can customize). Or if you have a specific concern, consider asking about it to see if anyone has found a workaround (for example, you may have seen lots of posts from people asking about how to auto-size tiles who miss the fact that you can leave the width/height blank, or you may have seen the "use twice as many rows or columns and make everything double-sized" workarounds for simulating the appearance of having two tiles in one).


I agree, I use the current dash for just simple stuff, I don't like adding stuff, Smartly sounds fun, but right now I use Sharptools.io , the look pretty and the buttons react super fast, so i never feel like its being done over the web.

but I keep the standard dash with a few things, just in case i lose internet.

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