I'm noticing it takes longer and longer (up to 3 minutes) for my dashboard to load. This happens on my phone when I'm local to the LAN as well as remotely. The same for when I'm on my computer. I have installed & reinstalled the phone (Android) app as well as cleaned the app cache. Anybody else having issues? I'm running the latest code


Have you rebooted the hub?

By any chance, for your dashboard, do you have the “use all devices” feature enabled? If so, deselect it and only allow the dashboard to access the specific devices required.


I knew this was coming but come on guys 3 minutes? That is not going to happen because of that setting. I have very complex dashes with all devices selected and 5 seconds is too long.

Is it best practice, I guess, I have never seen evidence of improvement, but 3 minutes? no way.

EDIT: sorry, bad day. I should have just posted that too and saved the time, but I would love to see some real world stats that it makes a measurable difference.


I haven't rebooted, that's the only thing I didn't do yet. But will do that shortly.

That’s what I’ve heard. I did have a dashboard a long time ago and it sped up after unchecking “use all devices”. But I don’t remember it taking 3 mins to load. Still I guess it depends on the number of devices, their attributes, and how frequently the attributes update.


where is that option to de-select it?

Apps > Hubitat Dashboard > pick the dash

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Personally I haven't found that switch makes much difference. Less than a handful of seconds at initial load and I guess a bit more stress on the hub. I agree with the comment above that if a dash is taking 3 minutes to load then there is something seriously up with the hub. Reboot. Check the logs. Check for dodgy devices on the dashboards (any "?" marked devices?) etc.