My system is pretty much up and running thanks to one of the members. Im playing with dash boards at moment. I created a tile called battery which I may change. So my leak sensors are hs100 from home seer they report temp and leak all in the tile, but my motion sensors 2 different brands 1 is a eco link dont remember the other one.report temp, motion, brightness and battery but whrn I add them to the tile they only display battery. Is there a way to change this so when they report I can get a full picture of all 4 sensors at once or do I have to create new tiles for every thing the sensor can do? Where do I get custom icons for free? There nice but custom ones look way better. So to recap I would like to add devices to dashboard that have multiple and display them in one tile, then change the background to something fancy. When i say 4 sensors I mean per device and dashboard only shows 1 sensor per device for motion but with leak it shows temp and leak as well as battery with out any extra intervention.
Thanks Rob

This might do want you need:

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Maybe it was misunderstood The sensors can display more information as in picture leak sensors display temp and battery, where as motion that have 4 functions only display 1.

Also where can I get free different icons
I also have the issue that there are only 10 devices listed that can be added out of 78 all have been added to dash board link but only 10 show up? What could cause this because a few I did add to the dashboard are no longer listed.

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