Dashboard with "last event"?

Sometimes my wife "hears things" at night, and I end up going downstairs to check stuff. (Not that it happens too often, but it sucks when it does!)

Wanted to somehow give her a dashboard of devices with "last activity" shown. So She can just load an app/dashboard and see:

Hallway motion sensor: 9:02pm
Konnected Backdoor Contact: 6:22pm
Front Door Deadbold: 4:33pm


Any way to do something like this?

There's nothing exactly like this built-in that I'm aware of, but an "Attribute" tile with "Last Updated" selected (not really an attribute, so apparently something Dashboard accesses and treats as such: the "Last Activity At" metadata, I assume) may get you close for some devices. The issue here is that this includes any event or activity, including things that aren't motion (e.g., if you have a sensor that sends temperature or even just a battery report). Other than that, for a specific device, as long as you don't disable this feature, you can use the three-dots menu to view device history. So you could look at one with recent activity, then dig in to see if motion was indeed it.

There may be custom solutions out there somewhere for something more specific, but I'm not aware of any off the top of my head. A rule and virtual device on a Dashboard could also do this for sure (e.g., set the string variable of an string variable connector device or virtual omnisensor to the last motion time for a specific device; trigger on motion active), but that might be more work to set up than you want.

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I wrote a small app a while back when I was trying to compare how quickly a set of motion sensors were responding that might give you a start at something. Was only for my use so not pretty but you're welcome to use/adapt/discard....