Dashboard will not work when i'm on "the cloud"

i can not view dashboard when i am away from camp. if i am at camp local and cloud work fine. i see that i have to register to the "cloud". i thought i did. support will not reply. can any one help me figure this out, as it may be something simple?

please be nice, as i am am new

There are two URL for each dashboard you create. One is local (lan) only and one is "cloud". Are you using the cloud link when away from home?

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My cloud dashboards were all down yesterday. This morning they are back up. Nothing changed

So a possible outage? I don't rely on dashboards much - I think I looked at one last night and it was working. I just checked and it's working for me now.

Thank you for the welcome.

This has nothing to do with an outage. I just don't know how to how to access hubitat when i am away. what do i have to do different when i am away?

The Hubitat "console" - which looks like this:

Is not available remotely in the default setup. If you want to access that to perform remote administration, for example, you would need to setup a VPN so your computer would "appear" to be on the local network.

Sorry, my initial response was about a dashboard. You can create dashboard to see status and turn things on and off - once created, those can be available on the local area network or remotely through the "cloud".

Hubitat is a LOCAL hub. It's not like SmartThings which is 100% cloud.

The only non-local way to access anything related to HE is via dashboards.

However if you know how to setup a reverse proxy in apache it can accomplished.

Sorry, I will be more clear.

I have a camp that i need to be able to check on and arm and disarm remotely. How do I do this?

Use a cloud dashboard.

Create a dashboard with the tiles you want.

I hear that but EXACTLY how? I see cloud and local when i am at camp, all is fine. However when i leave I can not access my camp.

Have you actually installed the dashboard app and created a dashboard? If so, within the app will be a link to the remote dashboard. Depending on what device you are using, you can bookmark it or create a shortcut on your phone's homescreen.

Check here for the dashboard app documentation.

Goto apps.... Install Hubitat Dashboard.

Create dashboard.


Thanks all, its not working at all. I have installed dashboard with tiles and it works fine as long as i am at camp. i absolutely can not access when i leave. links to cloud do not send to smart phone, not can i send links at all to tablet. Frustrating. i will try to get help from support, but they do not reply {its been a day and a half}. i was hoping hubitat would be my answer (former iris user), but i guess this is not to be. SyntronicsRF? who knows

Did you go to the apps menu and select "Hubitat Dashboard" (NOT the dashboard you're using) which brings up the (screenshot posted) and send the SMS to your phone, and save the link sent to you phone to the home screen? ALSO, in this menu where the screen shot is showing if you click the dashboard name you are wanting, open up the advanced tab and make sure the cloud is turned on.....

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I was having a similar issue.

To resolve this I removed the dashboard app and then added it back in.

I had a similar issue when I first setup my Hubitat. I registered and thought all was good. I could VPN to the hub and see everything, but I could not get the IFTTT integration to work. Sent support email to Hubitat support and they fixed the problem. They said there was an issue with my hub's registration. Maybe you are having same issue. I guess just keep trying to contact support.