Dashboard - Title and Backgroud colors

I have multi button device. I can add it to a dashboard for each button - and it will display Button 1 .... I will like to be able to add some personalized text. Like "Switch to Movie" instead of Button 2

I have a general dashboard for my home were I keep my important data. I will like to group devices in rooms with different backgrounds. But If I choose a background I can't see easy it a light is on or of, for example. It will be nice to be able to set 2 backgrounds for both states of device. And even Nice if we can make the icon glow or not depending on state.
Example all things from bathroom should have background light blue when not enabled and dark blue when enabled(or one background for both states but icon glow when enabled) and living room should be green :slight_smile: . If we will be able to create templates for such things will even nicer