Dashboard tiles on top of each other, how to fix

This is making me crazy, I add tiles to a dashboard using the + option on the dashboard, and it keeps putting the new tile on top of existing tiles.

Is there any way to stop this, maddening.

You can choose were to add the tile when you create it. Top right there is a bunch of boxes and you just choose which position you would like. From memory i think they are green if they arn't occupied already.

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how many rows and columns do you have the board set to? That can do this also if you haven't provided enough room for tiles.


When you are adding your new Tile do you see any green blocks, or are they all grey?
The position of the Tile being created on the dashboard below is displayed on the left. Column 4 Row 4.

If there are no green blocks, use the Gear Icon to access the Grid Size and add additional Columns and Rows for more Tile spaces.

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Thanks all. I never occurred to me that the UI is not smart enough to know if a the tile is already in a position would put one right on top of it. There was plenty of room for the tiles I was adding, in fact there were blank spaces where I had deleted tiles that the Dashboard ignored. I wasn't aware I could choose where a tile would go by tapping on those squares, they just looked like a read-only notification to me. I was doing this on my phone, and the Dashboard add tile UI is very crowded in that context.


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