Dashboard tiles not updating


I have setup a Samsung tablet running Fully Kiosk Browser, and created some dashboards. For the life of me, I cannot get the tiles to remain updated. Within a few seconds to minutes, they will stop updating. The easiest way I can confirm this is because a tile that shows the time will stop updating. In Fully Kiosk I now have the dashboard page auto reloading every 3 minutes to try and correct this, but it's a pretty annoying band-aid fix. I also have security camera feeds on the dashboard which are MJPG feeds going to tiles utilizing the 'image' template. These (USUALLY) continue to update with the live camera feeds even when the tiles stop updating. The dashboard is set to update every 2 seconds for local LAN under dashboard settings.

Can anyone give me some pointers on how to troubleshoot this? Much appreciated as always.

I had this happening to me...the only way I got it to work was to get a new tablet that had more RAM.

On the tablet with 3 GB of RAM, it would stop updating...simply crash to the tablet screen. Would sometimes be OK for weeks...would sometimes be non-responsive in hours.

I got a tablet with 6 GB of RAM and have had no issues.

I haven't had any sort of crash issue like that, so I'm doubtful that it's a memory problem in my situation. A simple refresh gets everything right back to current.

I see the same with an iPad mini 2, but it will likely take hours before it becomes unresponsive. There might be a way to refresh the code as part of the dashboard’s CSS? Maybe someone who is more familiar with this will chime in…

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