Dashboard Tile to set a specific time

I would like to request a tile feature. I am looking to specify a time of day using a tile. Also if possible the same tile having the option for on and off so I could map control of that switch for the activation of the timer.

Would help out a lot to be able to specify this in the dashboard for users setting/activating timers that only have access to certain dashboards.


Have you looked at Rule Machine time variables, which you can set from the dashboard?

I have tried this, it does say time variable, but it requires me to enter the time and date. If I only enter the time, it comes back saying invalid date. I am looking to just specify a time.

Are you seeing this with our mobile app? Or Dashboard? It should only be asking for time, not time and date. Please post screenshot.

strangely, i exited out of the hubitat app and reentered and now it allows a time without error.

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