Dashboard tile not updating after action

I've noticed that following the latest update my dashboard tiles are not updating correctly. E.g. I have a tile for a dimmer switch. Tile shows dimmer as off correctly, hit the button, light switches on correctly, and tile updates to on. But, when I hit the button again, the light turns off but the tile still shows it as on. If I navigate to another dashboard page and back again it updates, but not if I stay on the same page.

This seems similar to an issue being discussed here:

Thanks for the link, that's it.

I've just been setting up my dashboard with custom colours for "on". I hadn't realised I also had to set a custom colour for off too. I presumed anything uncustomised would be the default. Seems a bit odd, and if it's not a bug, it's pretty close to one! Anyway for anyone else with the same issue all is OK once you set a custom colour for off.

This is a bug, it has been addressed in the next release. Work around is to set all states for that tile template type.