Dashboard that only shows active tiles


Not sure how useful this would be, but at some stage I have thought it would be good to have a single dashboard that shows all items that are on. This way at night its a quick check of that dashboard to see everything is off that should be.

I currently make all tiles with the same colour when they are on so a quick scroll through will show the devices that are on reasonably easy


You can already do this. If you have a dashboard and you only want the tiles to show when something is on, make "off" transparent. The tile will only be visible when it's on but I'm not sure why you would do that. Or, you can create a "supertile". I have several setup to check the status of lights or things I can't see from the B/R. This is just 2 of many supertiles. It has a max of 8 lines but 4 fields per line. So you could conceivably put 16 things on 1 tile with a label and attribute. "The One" button in the corner is the one to rule them all, or almost all. A quick press turns off almost everything outside the bedroom.


That looks very useful -- a clean, readable, compact interface.

Can you please share the CSS/JSON for that dashboard.


I'd be happy to, but just to clarify, those tiles come from the custom app, Super Tiles written by @cobra. You wouldn't be able to plug it in and have that dashboard. You would have to create the tiles first.


I appreciate that this is created in Super Tiles. (Status and Status 1).
I was just wondering if you would show a screen shot of a couple of devices you have configured.
I like the layout you have done but just need a few pointers to get me going.
Where did you get the toggle (On/Off) from?
Maybe just do a screenshot of the 'Configure Icons, Configure Font and Configure Line in the ST app.
Just to get me going.
I appreciate this is a big ask, but if you could I'd be grateful. (Creep, Creep). :smile:


That’s a really nice clean SuperTile.
Really like the icons



ST app!?!?!?!?!? I just threw up in my mouth a little :laughing: Not a big ask at all, I know just how you feel. Here is the 1st line I setup. I put some HTML coding in the line for formatting. I no nothing of HTML so this is how I made it work. It's only needed for the first line. Any formatting here will overwrite any formatting you set in the "Fonts Configured" section, I think. I cannot remember where I found the icons. I found them online somewhere. I was experimenting when I set it up with hosting the icons and ended up using imgur, I thought temporarily. That's where they are still coming from as I forgot all about them. As a footnote, I messed around with the alignment. For other tiles I use non-breakable spaces to align them correctly. I didn't need them for this one.

Edit: I'm still not sure which site I found the on/off icons but do a google image search for on off icons. That's how I found mine and a plethora of others. I should also point out that my icons flicker when changed. It's actually oddly funny to watch. But in about a second it's all good. I don't know why but I'm sure it's because they are on imgur.


Thanks and thank you again for yet another great app.


Makes sense. I hadn't looked for transperent.

I'm not sure either, but I was thinking that if I had a dashboard that only showed "on" devices, then it would be easier to look through and turn off what I want turned off. I have had cases where I need to scroll through my dashboard to see what is on which means as my devices grow this becomes more of a task. I was thinking that if it removed all switches (rather than just transparent) that are turned off then all the "o"n switches are at the top no scrolling required for mobile device with minimum screen real estate. For PC's I liked the idea of a map with the switches overlaid on the top where the devices are. This seems like a nice touch for PC/web page dashboards. I'll be honest though, it was more a curiosity rather than something I felt I required.

I had installed supertiles but never got round to creating one. This may be a good option for what I want on mobile. One for battery checks, and another showing a summary of what is on. I'll look into this.


I have a couple of tiles for batteries and couple for temps as well. It was great being able to condense 8 tiles into one. I had one setup with with 16 devices on it but it took up 2 tiles spaces anyway to be useful so I just created separate tiles. It was easier to format and looks neater.


Yeh I'd also do temps as well. Time for me to get my head around supertiles it seems. It's been installed for a few weeks now because I wanted to show temperature and humidity for one room on a single tile but got distracted with more rules.


EDIT: Just read your post again and I assume you are hosting these images on imgur.
Thanks for the information.
I'm trying to set up my icons on my RPi.
I have a couple of .png files that I have saved into a directory.
I see you have blanked out your url.
Is this because userid and password is in there?
I'm just wondering as if I put the address in to where the files are in my RPi, they don't show up.
Would you mind letting me know what the format is for the url?


They are still on imgur. My intent was to host them on my RPi as well. I just wanted to get those tiles setup and do some testing. I forgot about it as it's been working. Plus I think those are the only ones at the moment. Cobra mentioned that he has his on a RPi using apache web server I believe. They start talking about it around here: [Updated] Super Tile - Icons have arrived! :)