Dashboard text blurred

I'm trying to work on my dashboard. I looked at the instructions but it's different since the dashboard has some updates.

I'm not sure what I did because now all of my switches are blurred, When I go under template color editor and I change how I want the on/off and custom icon, I hit save and nothing happens

I've seen similar, I think due to the black text and the drop shadow.

Try this in the Settings --> Advanced --> CSS

.tile-primary, .tile-contents, .tile-title, .material-icons {
text-shadow: none !important;

Then save. Refresh the dash after.

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Thanks, that didn't work for me though it made all the icons invisible until you clicked on it. That gave me the idea though to check under the layout and changed
the background and icon color to look like this and that fixed it for me.

"bgColor": "",
"iconColor": "",

Do you know much about the icons? when I select any and hit save, nothing happens. under any

click on the device or go to another dashboard and return. That will cause the recently selected icon appear.

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I figured out what the specific issue was in case someone else needs the solution.

Dashboard Settings -> Templates -> Template Device -> Select State -> Background Color -> move the transparency slider all the way to the right.

What I did incorrectly was tried to set my tile as grey but what I actually did was set its transparency to 10% making the tile blurry and very hard to see as my background was black as well as my text..

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