Dashboard Template Requests

Would be nice to have a template for:

Keen Smart Vents

Would be nice if motion sensor template could display battery level when template names are turned off.

Yeah, I used a Switch template for my siren but I haven't tested it yet to make sure it works.

I would love to see option to make custom templates

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I use the "level" template for these.

What do you feel is missing? Templates are not possible to just make and add to dashboard for end users. But creating anything that is missing is something I'm happy to add to the list.

Mainly deciding which attributes are shown in a tile. One that comes to mind is the weather tile, I use APIxu for weather info, and would like the ability to choose which attributes are displayed in a weather tile without needing to create multiple attribute tiles.

Another thing, I can change the icons used in different states for a template as a whole in the dashboard settings, however if want to change the icon used in one tile, i can't choose different based on different states. And if I have a custom attribute or i change the supported states of a device to something more custom, i can't add these to the list of states to change the icon/color of a tile

Another example would be i have a device with that has the attributes switch, level, number, text. I'd like to have a tile display the text or number attribute, but change the switch when pressed.

All in All however, i will say great job on this new version! The latest update has got the dashboard as now a viable option when deciding what dash option to use on panels.


I am also having issue with the Garage door control. however i'm not 100% if its the dashboard or HubConnect or the combination. it displays like this:
and doesn't control. if i change it for garage template it will at least display if open of closed. HubConnect shows the device as a garage door, but i'm not sure where the issue is

Need to know the device states, either in device status page on hub or in gear, advanced, devices and screenshot the state and history for that device.

Can you also show the dashboard states in advanced as well, need to make sure dashboard is seeing the same thing exactly when it is showing the unknown.

you just led me to the issue, doesn't appear to be a dashboard issue. I resync the device it worked.. looks like something with hubconnect not syncing

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The door attribute was not showing in the dashboard until is pressed sync

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I agree with this. Be nice to have individual control of each tile as far as color, icon , etc. Not all my switches should look the same, but don't see any way to make them different.

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Perhaps a compromise, since customs templates are not possible, why not allow an individual device to have its template customized just for that one device? I’ve noticed I can edit the device template universally. for example, I can change the switch template on and off state icons, but this applies to every instance of the switch template in your dashboard. I have used action tiles for SmartThings to do this for items like a ceiling fan controller. I simply create 3 virtual switches , low medium and high, and a switch for on and off of the fan. I then make the on/off tile 3 columns wide and the three speeds 1 tile wide directly below this. This way, I don’t have to go to a subform to change the speed. And each speed I assign an icon for low medium and high for the on state, and for the off state there is no icon for the speed switches. The visual is the fan is on, and the speed tile below relating to the current speed shows the picture of the fan, the others are blank.

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I'd LOVE to be able to hide the title bar in the dash. Its limiting what i can do with the dashboard which doesn't look like crap


Extension of Text template that accepts basic HTML and %global% escapes, so we can display the state of global variables.

A template for ultraviolet radiation would be nice for my aeotec sensors

I'm using the color bulb template for nanoleaf aurora but the saturation goes to 0% when I exit the tile window. Is there a template I can use to set the effects directly from the tile? Thanks

If I had realized Hubitat would not allow users to modify the actual dashboard templates, I'm not at all sure I would have started the switch away from SmartThings. That was a big part of the power of device handlers: the ability to very precisely dictate what data and text the tiles displayed.

Hi Patric,
I am fairly new to Hubitat. I moved from Smartthings and I would recommend this to any new user. I am working with the Dashboard and I have to agree with rdstov. It would really be nice to be able to define the different device states with our own custom icons.