Dashboard Suggestions (Easy, I hope)


It would be very useful if a pushbutton that I place on the dashboard had some sort of feedback that it was pushed. That is, on many UIs a button has two graphics one for "normal" and one for "being pushed". Thus you get the illusion of a button pushed when you click on it. Just a dot or any kind of feedback while pushing would be ok though.

And while I'm at it, I'd like to suggest that any user interaction with the dashboard (a button push is an example) should (optionally?) cause a refresh in a few seconds. Use case example: I have several push buttons for different 'scenes' in my office. One of devices displayed on the dashboard is the thermostat. I'd like to be able to see that in the "preheat" scene the thermostat has turned on, and in the "overnight" scene it has turned off. Yeah, yeah, it is not that hard to manually refresh, but combined with the lack of feedback from a button, it is just a bit non-intuitive.

Thanks for a great product!


I don't know how to do it but I agree the refresh after you have performed an action would be good.

I agree that it would be great to have some sort of feedback when a button is pushed. On iOS, a quick vibrate (tic) would be great. Right now, it does seem like the buttons flash quickly once pressed and released, but there is nothing indicating it is registering a push/hold.

Interesting. I don't see that flash at all. However, I have come to see that it really does refresh after a few seconds.

That is true, the icon will change when a light is turned on or off. It seems to go to an hour glass in the buttons I tested. When the buttons are links to other dashboards, it does essentially nothing. Let's hope some type of feedback is added to a future version - it could be an app option to be enabled or disabled... :smiley:

Sebastien, I also saw the hourglass with a new Z-wave GE smart switch (actually smart outlet) that I got. For some reason the official GE driver did not refresh the state, so when pushed a dashboard button to turn the switch on, I saw the hourglass until I went to the driver page and manually refreshed. I fixed it by switching to the generic smart outlet driver.

But I think that is a bit different from what I am talking about. If you put a virtual button on a dashboard, there is really no feedback at all. You'd like the icon to change a bit when you push it. Try any button on Windows or Mac and you will see a bit of a change--a shadow or highlight change or something while you hold the button down.

I have a similar outlet and just tried this too - same result. It becomes an hourglass, but the state no longer refreshes. Mine was already configured with the generic driver... I switched it back! :slight_smile:

Yes, I totally agree!!! It would be good if there was some type of reaction from the button graphic indicating that the button push is sensed... Hopefully, the Hubitat team will eventually add this!