Dashboard stopped working in Android app

After I updated the hub last Saturday it seems that the dashboard in android app is no longer working (when not on same network).
Anyone else having similar problems or having some tips on how to fix?

It may be worth posting at least what platform version you moved onto, and if you can lookup the version you upgraded from, that may also be useful (I think it's the hub events that have this ...).

When you say it stopped working, what exactly are you seeing in the mobile app (or not seeing)?

It may also be useful to post the dashboard setup screen, accessed via the Apps page in the web UI.

Perhaps reboot the hub., If you are not seeing it from the cloud it usually means that the hub isn't connected properly.

Today I got on site and it was a false alarm. It turned out that the router had broke down. So, nothing wrong with the app. Just a coincidence that I happened to update SW just before. My apologies!

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