Dashboard Spacing

I have recently noticed that the spacing on my automatically sized dashboard has expanded. I can't claim with any confidence that it coincides with my upgrade from 2.2.8 to 2.2.9 , but there is a possibility. Has this been noted somewhere else? If so, I am happy to remove this thread. Otherwise I am also happy to provide some more details of what I have setup and what I am seeing.


2.2.9 did include some changes to the dashboard

  • Dashboards:
    • New default look and feel for new dashboards
    • Tile text shadow is now a hide/show from options
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Hmmm, not sure... The dashboard certainly displays differently, but the settings are not set to auto fit, i.e. zero tile height and width, so I can't really explain it.... I want to make some updates to it anyway, so probably not worth worrying about. Thanks anyway.

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