Dashboard showing F & C Temperature on different tiles


I have a temp and humidity sensor in my greenhouse which I've successfully linked into HE. I've then created a GV to store the Min & Max temp from the sensor which is updated via a rule in RM.

All appears to be working great except for the dashboard which shows the correct temp for the Connector but in F and not C as set in my Settings page. I can't find a way to format the tile to show the temp in C, any help greatly appreciated. As a result, I have both C and F temps displayed on my Dashboard, although the values are all in C...


Hi Carl

Thanks for coming back. I have looked at that in the tile options but there is nothing listed under the override device unit, so the F disappears but the C isn't an option to replace it.

Thanks again. I should have tried that, must have been a senile moment! :slight_smile:

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