Dashboard request


In a future Dashboard update I would like to see the ability to relocate the above tiles manually, instead of their positions automatically assigned alphabetically.

I previously had about 10 different dashboards (different rooms/device types/etc) And having the ability to put your most common Dashboard at the first icon choice, would be much better when using the Hubitat phone app. Currently you need to scroll through all the list of dashboards to access your "most frequently used or main" dashboard, otherwise you need to rename it to something that begins with the letter "A" to have it be in the first slot.


I know it's not what you are asking for, but as a temporary workaround, wouldn't it be better to use a number prefix (instead of "A") so you can order them how you see fit?

Agreed, which is what I've currently been doing, like you said it's a workaround

@waynespringer79 Rename your "preferred" Dashboard to start with a space. It'll sort first alphabetically, and you'll never notice the space in the name's display.

Yes i understand there are "workarounds"

I use this too! If you really want to control the order you can use one space and two spaces. Messy but it gets the job done till there's an update. Personally, I'm hoping that the color tile issue gets fixed first though. Such a PITA.

Numbering is the best way to accomplish this. I'm my control systems GUI programming I do the same.
0 Welcome page
1 Home Page
2 Shutdown confirmation page

1.xx and subpages within home page.

Boy, I'm glad yall have such well thought out schemes for your dashboards. Mine are NOT that organized. Much like me deciding to do a dash for a device because the one I had didn't have a button. So there's that need to keep creating things with stupid names so I know what they .. SQUIRRELL! @waynespringer79 I'm feelin it.

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There is no christmass tree, garden or grass icon. It will be nice to have holday season icons too. :innocent: