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I have recently moved from Smarthings to Hubitat and so far love it. The only issue I've been stuck on is getting the dashboard to update the status of the device. Some devices work prefect, while others never update unless I do a force refresh of the device. Once I do the force refresh for the device, it's update instantly on the dashboard. I just dont get why I see this behavior. SmarThings always seemed to show the correct device status. I tried the trail of smarttools, but that has the same issue.

Are the devices that aren’t refreshing Z-Wave (non-plus)? If so, it is simply a matter of installing the built-in Hubitat “Z-Wave Poller” app and selecting those devices that are Z-Wave (non-plus) from the list.

The older Z-Wave devices did not send their status as that would have infringed on a Lutron patent. It has since expired which is why Z-Wave plus devices can send their status.


That was it and thanks so much for the fast reply! Installed the poller app and all is good again.

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