Dashboard really slow to open

Any suggestions as to increasing the speed of the dashboard page loading. My dashboards seem to take a long time to load. I have done some digging on the forum and really couldn't find anything on how to improve this.

Select only the devices used on the dashboard. Do not use All Devices.
If dashboard display device is local, use local IP address


Have you defined only the devices you want to expose on each dashboard or have you left the ALL DEVICES slide active.
If you have ALL DEVICES active it has to check all the devices. If you only select specific devices that you want to see it will only "look" at those devices.
This can speed things up considerably.

@arnb beat me to it. :smile:

Probably due to you using considerably more text than me.


@arnb and @bobbles I only have a few devices in each as shown here

. I have not created any of the dashboards with all devices as I do not want anybody in the house to have access to most of the devices I have on the system.

OK. But have you selected only the devices you want to expose to the dashboard.
NOT "Use all your devices".


You may lock down the dashboard by

  1. Display the dashboard, Click on the Dashboard gear, click Options, check Hide 3dot menu

  2. On The main He menu go to Apps, tap/click on the dashboard name, scroll down, open advanced dialog, set ON slider for "Lock Down Dashboard...."

@arnb and @bobbles Thanks I had the use all devices slider on. I am going through each and selecting only the devices in dash. Thanks for the direction!


I just saw this when googling why dashboard is so slow.... hmmmm. Why does it check every device instead of automatic only check the ones that you use.... with this u have to enable each device on 2 places to get a dashboard to work..... Isn't it possible to auto enable only the devices that's in the dashboard? @bcopeland Maybe something to fix in future...

When you initially build a dashboard, with devices paired to the hub, that might work. But what happens if you add a device to the hub? You somehow have to tell the dashboard it is there, or if you even want to use that new device at all.

The two places to do settings isn't ideal, but with the way this was designed, I am not sure it can be done like you wish.

With some other hubs, you don't get a choice what you have on a dashboard. At least we have the option to turn things on and off or move things around and so on.

Well I'm not a coder but if it can check what devices are in the dashboard once and then lock it.... then if you add more devices in the dashboard you just hit update in Dashappsettings like in RULE MACHINE..... That would be ok...

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