Dashboard Question

My grouped lighting dimmers on my dashboard only show they are switched on if done through the dashboard itself. If turned on by other means like Alexa or Rules (Motion for example) the dashboard does not show them on. Is this something I've done wrong or just the way it is?

Does the state change in the group virtual device? The group state is not reflective of the collective states of the devices in the group.

If the state of the group virtual device changes, it should show up in the virtual device state, that will then be reflected in dashboard.

Verify by checking the event history for that device either in dashboard, 3 dot, event history or in the hub device details, events and see if an event for the device was registered on change.

Ok, I will check. Thanks

Patrick, you're saying that the dashboard should reflect the state of the virtual device, correct? I kinda lost ya there.

If the virtual device changes state, then dashboard will follow, that's all dashboard does.

The point was if the state of the virtual device didn't change, then dashboard isn't going to change either.