Dashboard pressure sensitive scrolling

I noticed scrolling my dashboard is not pressure sensitive sensing on my tablet/phone so I ended up turning switches on by scrolling up/down on my phone with the dashboard.
Not sure if it's possible to add this feature but I know Actiontiles does have pressure sensitive for scrolling.

I had to add a date and time tile to each dashboard so I had a safe place to put my fat thumb on my iPhone screen. :grinning:

I know. I added a temp tile for my fat finger as well. Maybe we are the problem. :thinking:

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The original design was to not scroll a dashboard and use it as a grid. So this wasn't taken into consideration... Will explore options to fix. I assume this is only effecting IOS Safari users? I can't seem to reproduce the issue on Android.

If someone with the issue wants to share their layout with my via PM, that would help greatly.

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I’m using Chrome for IOS on an iPhone when away from home. For me, it’s not really going to be an issue as I’m probably going to do a redesign with more dashboards and fewer tiles on each.

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Do you mean the export file or the cloud link to the dashboard?

Google pixel Android with Chrome for me.

Click on side menu, bottom right is a small "I" and should pop up a layout and devices json files. Just need the layout part.

got it now. Who left that "I" there! :smile:

Its documented. Its a feature :slight_smile:

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Wait? A documented feature? OMG this cant exist ...

sorry so used to undocumented features lately with work stuff :beer:

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I'm a bit confused. By saying the original design was to not scroll, does that mean a new design has been implemented to allow for scrolling? I just set up a dashboard with 15 tiles and I'm fighting with the tile and font size to make them readable.

Dashboards are not meant to scroll, but you can overload it by reducing the row count while will cause it to scroll.

Thank you for the fast response. Please add scrolling to the feature list.


Any update on the pressure sensitivity?

It's not a huge issue, but I use Fully Kiosk on a 7" Android tablet as my dashboard on the wall, and to go back to the previous dashboard page I swipe up from the bottom to get the back button to show. Many times I inadvertently turn on a light when I swipe up, then I remember to swipe up in a blank spot on the dashboard. I could also put a non-functioning tile along the bottom of my dashboards that are completely full.

+1 this would be extremely awesome to have, please! It’s the last thing remaining keeping us with SharpTools due to WAF.

Both on iOS. I’ll take some videos in a moment showing how I have these set up and the behavior between the two (Hubitat Dashboard ca SharpTools iOS).

The pressure sensitive/accelerative scrolling will definitely make the Hubitat feel much more app-like for iOS users.

Check out the 1 minute 22 second mark in this video where I show SharpTools side by side with the Hubitat Dashboard to see how the dashboard ‘sticks’ for us iOS users when trying to scroll. Each jerky motion is me attempting to ‘flick’ the dashboard up like I can with any standard webpage or similar experience.