Dashboard order

It would be helpful to enable a fixed order for the dashboards, rather than sorting alphabetically. For example, I reference the dashboard named "Heating and Cooling" very frequently, so it would be nice for it to appear before "Battery Status" (checked ~monthly).

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Agreed. But in the meanwhile, you could rename that dashboard to "A/C and Heat". It'll appear before "Battery Status".

P.S. Your comment on this suggestion would have been more appropriate here as opposed to a PM.


or "1. Heating & Cooling" and "2. Battery Status"


I renamed my infrequently-accessed battery dashboard to "Zigbee batteries". Problem solved. :wink:


Sure, I (and everyone else) could carefully choose a naming scheme in order to work-around a software limitation. Or the software could be improved so that it makes things easier for the humans who use (and purchase) it.

Thanks for the suggestions, but my feature request was for the latter.

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I did the same as @stephen_nutt suggested and numbered my dashboards.

  1. Home
  2. Exterior
  3. Living Area, etc.

If you use smartly then you can use a custom label and remove the numbers as well.


I totally get this comment, but you also have to understand Hubitat is a small company and the focus now might be more on the function than form. I do not work for, or have any association with the company, this is just my personal observation, opinion, hopes...

People here that know that are just trying to help you with your "problem", knowing a fix might be far off. Don't take their generosity as blowing off your request. I say this only because I got that impression at first, and the written word is cold.

Personally if I access the screen you are talking about it is usually to get to one of my rarely used dashboards. For that I prefer them in alpha, so I can find them. Any dash I check with any regularity has a link inside another dash.

I never access commonly used dashboard via the app, it takes far to long for me. Having links at the bottom of each dash that points to others dashes makes the entire experience smoother, IMO. I load up the a main dash via local/cloud link to my browsers of choice on a given device, and off I go.

Some devices have different starting points and different links depending on what that device needs to give access to.

There is also no limit to the number of browser links you can add to your home screen. If one wanted they could even make a folder called "Hubitat" place 5-50 links to different dashes in it, and have direct access to every dash with 1 click. IDK sounds faster to me, but your eyes, your fingers, so your request stands.