Dashboard Open as a Trigger Event

I am looking for work arounds for getting an accurate view of my home despite having over 30 Z-wave GE switches that do not report status. My hub's performance suffers pretty badly when I enable poller, even when I initiate polling from RM with a longer interval.

I had the thought that perhaps on opening a dashboard, I could poll the associated devices once and spare my network a flood of Z-wave traffic. I know I could create a virtual button on each dashboard to initiate the poll, but I wondered if there was any way to do it automatically when the dashboard is opened.

Any guidance would be most appreciated!

So with some more playing I discovered I can trigger my rule with a local endpoint, and set the background on one of my tiles to the endpoint url. Kind of a hack, but it seems to execute the rule whenever the dashboard opens. Anyone know 1) if there is a more elegant way to do this and 2) if polling on dashboard open makes sense and will work? I'll test it myself obviously, but I would love input from those that have been at it with HE longer than I have. Thanks.


I think you've found a wonderfully inventive hack. They can still get out of state obviously if someone is operating them physically while the dashboard is open but I think your trick to kick off a rule is something I might use just got fun for a totally different reason.

I think I want my theater lights to dim if ever the theater tablet opens the theater control dashboard.

If you want to hack the your solution the rest of the way you could inject JavaScript to hit the rule's endpoint periodically. There are some folks who have used custom attributes on custom driver devices for that.

Nice suggestion! I'll think about that.

Worked great, good find, I have the exact same scenario and would've never thought of this.