Dashboard on Windows Phone

OK, I know I am in the vast minority in that I use a Windows Phone. And I believe it runs Edge, but not the same Edge as on the PC desktop. I set up some dashboards using the mobile phone portrait layout, and when I view the cloud link on my phone, the tiles all stack in the upper center. So I simplified the dashboards to get a better screen print, the Bathroom dashboard is just one tile that is a bulb. It looks fine on the desktop, but looks like this on my phone:

The dim/brighten and on/off buttons work (better when I zoom in) so that's good!

I can live with the answer that the dashboard is not compatible with Edge on the Windows Phone, but thinking maybe if it's something easy to fix that would be great :slight_smile:. I will also research if there are any other web browsers I can install on the phone.

What windows phone version? Not even sure I can simulate it. But if it doesn’t support CSS grid there really isn’t anything I can do.

My phone is Windows Mobile 10.

I did some research, seems that EdgeHTML 16 supports CSS grid, but from what I could figure out, Windows Mobile 10 has EdgeHTML 15. I installed a couple of other browsers, but apparently they use EdgeHTML so no joy there.

We have an Android phone we bought to be able to do things like set up Alexa calling, so I can use that for the dashboard. Thanks for the info!

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