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Does anyone know of a tile that can specify on and off? Currently I only see tiles that toggle. I have some groups of devices that sometimes don't always do what their are supposed to and having to toggle the whole group on then off or vice versa is a little annoying. Really don't want to have to make separate groups to accomplish this.


Just create a virtual button and add the button to the dashboard. In the Simple Automation app have the button press perform the action you want. In your case turn on lights

ok, I was trying to get away from having multiple tiles for some groups I have. It would double the amount tiles I would like to use this for.

If you only want one tile to do on/off then by definition doesn't it have to toggle?, which is what you want to get away from.

It is possible to set-up the one virtual button to perform different actions based on events and conditions which may work better for the issue you are having.

If it was just me using the dash, then yes it wouldn't be a problem. Explaining this to the wife of numbers to actions on a button isn't really going to go well. Trying for simplistic.

I create a virtual switch, then use simple Automation app, to switch all lights/switches off in a room. I then have another simple automation where if any of those switches are on, it turns the virtual switch on.

Sounds like a lot of work for a simple thing, but works very well.

Example (not using HE dash, but the idea is the same).

Two switches on in my office, so the "virtual" Office Status switch is on.


I can turn them off in a couple of ways.
Turn Office Spots off, and turn Office System off, will turn off the Virtual Office Status off. But turn on Office Status on its own will do nothing, I only want to turn the others off.

Simple Automation App.

Turn on, Office Status

Turn all lights off, if I turn off the Office Status

Hope this helps :+1:

BTW if any of those lights don't turn off, the "Office status" wont either :wink: So you just hit it again.

A virtual button can be labelled whatever you want and pressing it will perform any action you define in simple automation or rule machine. My wife uses many virtual buttons on our dashboard daily. The button is clearly labelled and is obvious what it does. The logic and automations that are performed on a button press are complex and defined in rule machine, but she never sees this, she just presses the button.

So you have a button for on and a button for off?

No its just a switch, the Simple Automation app will turn it on/off according to what I set up.

Technically isn't that is what the group is doing? My issue is sometimes the devices don't do what the group is telling them to. I'm thinking the virtual switch would have the same effect. If I press off for a virtual switch, that switch will turn off but if the device doesn't turn off then the switch is still reporting off but the device isn't. Just pressing off a second time will usually do it, but right now unless I go into the device itself and press off a second time I have to use the dash tile and toggle everything back and forth.

Just trying to mimic the device info page with the separate on and off within a tile, but its looking like at this point there isn't really an option for this.

Yeah, I get what you mean.

You could still do something like the above to turn off again, rather than heading to the individual button again.

Does the group button turn off, but one of the group is still on?
If so, I'd look more closely at those devices and why they aren't updating. Are they Hue devices at all?

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The real issue is that the problem devices are only zwave and not plus. They are a combo of outlets and switches. They always had trouble reporting correctly. Went the polling route, but that created too much traffic so i've been doing the repeat of On or Off route.

Of course in the beginning, I went crazy and got all these devices then zwave+ came out. Slowly i'm replacing them but until they are gone I have to automate the fix.

Ah I see. I do have a similar issue with Hue, although they do eventually update.

How about a rule, just for those which have the issue, so if turned on/off, it performs a refresh or poll on activity rather than periodically?


Funny you should say that, its what i'm doing right now...lol

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Ah bummer :expressionless:

The "Scene" tile does this by default. I have numerous setup on various dashboards. I use them with scenes but I'm pretty sure you can use a single item and just use the scene template. The "Chill" background is actually a gif. My tiles have some custom CSS involved.


Edit: Actually, @bptworld Tile Master app would probably be perfect for your use. You can see each light's state and control any of them(up to 9) from a single tile. I think, I don't actually have it setup.

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