Dashboard on Computer

My Tablet took a Dump. I have a laptop with a touch screen and for now I want to use this laptop as my dashboard. Is there a way with Chrome to remove the URL bar and Tabs at top.?

To enter full screen, press F11, to exit again, press F11

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f11 will run it full screen

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Perfect. That worked. Thanks


Does anyone know how to duplicate a current dashboard

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I was able to clone dashboard.

My tablet that was hanging in the wall finally took a crap. I'm currently using my laptop which has a touch screen. Is there an app that I can use the camera to be used as a motion sensor. If and when the screen goes to sleep using the camera as a motion sensor can wake up the screen.

Did you ever figure this out? I want to use an older windows laptop that has a built in tablet mode as a wall hung tablet, and use the cam as a motion sensor to wake up the screen and display the tablet...