Dashboard not updating

Yes, I've done the configure thing a few time. And it's definitely ZW+.

I've been having the same issue with a SmartThings plug, which is of course Zigbee rather than z-wave. I finally swapped it for another brand smart plug and the problem went away. However, when I relocated the ST plug to another room it seems to be working just fine. In both cases the plug is talking directly to the hub with no repeaters in between. Very strange.

I think I'm seeing the behavior with some Zigbee devices on occasion, but don't have the data to prove it. It happens very consistently with this GE ZW+ dimmer, though.

Did anyone ever get this resolved? I just started to have the same issue. I initially suspected it was a mesh issue but I excluded and rejoined every device in my house and I am still having issues.

All of my GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Smart Switch type devices work but my GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Smart Dimmer are all broken and consistently lose sync when issuing digital commands.

Edit: On a whim I rolled back to v2.2.3.148 and that solved the problem. There must be something wrong with v2.2.4.x that is causing driver problems.

Having the same issue with zigbee dimmers. Jasco enbrighten zigbee in wall dimmer, newest generation. Tried using the GE dimmer firmware as well as the generic zigbee dimmer firmware. Did configure after changing.

Problem is that physical OR remote toggling of state doesn't always update in the device list / dashboard for HE. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Have rebooted the hub and moved it to a central location. No help. Was going to simply use rule machine to force refresh all devices every 5 min but that function has been blocked. Any thoughts?

Nevermind. Emailed Hubitat support which got a "engineering team notified" response but nothing else. Switched back to smartthings and now everything works perfectly.

Hubitat's local nature and customization capabilities are definitely nice, but when the core product doesn't function properly it's a dealbreaker.

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I have the same issue with two newly installed Zooz ZEN76 Z-Wave+ S2 switches (firmware 1.02). Refresh puts them in the correct state. I have tried Configure and will continue to monitor. Will also try a few more network repairs.

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