Dashboard Naming

I have several dashboards. Each has the name of the dashboard at the upper lft-hand side of the screen next to the Hubitat glyph. Selecting the glyph/name will return to the set of dashboards available. On an iPhone the dashboard name is extremely small and difficult to touch without hitting one of the switches, etc. that are on the dashboard.

How can I make the font larger for the dashboard name?

You'll have to edit the CSS code. Give me a second and I'll see if I can sort what it is. There is also a CSS topic.

This is what I am running. Mostly unnecessary but the key part for you would be the zoom value.

 .dashboard div .header {
     -moz-transform: scale(.6);
     opacity: 1;
     position: fixed;
     right: 1em;
     top: -.75em;
     z-index: 999;
     zoom: .5 

For me I wanted to move and shrink the header. For you will want to change it to maybe 1.25.

For clarity you add this code into the CSS tab in the dashboard that can be found by clicking the gear icon.

I'm sure someone will chime in with a link and cleaner way to do it.

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I tend to hide the title and move and resize the controls, then put a text tile in as the title. I can find the CSS to do this if you want, or you can also do this using my CSS editor.

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ah damn I totally forgot about that!

:slightly_smiling_face:. There's some options at the top of the editor pop-up for pre-canned settings I tend to use.

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