Dashboard music player questions

Is the intended behavior of a music player tile to display the Play icon when playing? (Is it supposed to show current status vs. the action that clicking it will perform?)

On ST, the music player 'tile' supported displaying multi-line track info by adding newline characters. Is there a way to break the track info into multiple lines or somehow display artist/album/track separately?

Good question. Since Sonos specifically has three states for it, play, pause and stop. It was decided that it would be helpful to show if it is paused or stopped and tapping either would be play. Tapping the play, triggers a pause, not a stop.

This is backwards to how most music players work and can be changed if no one cares about ever seeing if it is paused or stopped (since it would just show "play")

Yes, this will be in an upcoming update.


Also, I took a look at a few popular players, and despite the logic above, it makes sense to flip the play/pause states to be consistent.

This will also be in an upcoming release.

Thanks. Unrelated question while I've got your ear:
I'm getting an exception using runIn():

groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: app1536802290893652744790.runIn() is applicable for argument types: (java.math.BigDecimal, java.lang.String) values: [22.061, updateNowPlaying]

ST must have an overloaded method accepting double/float for their runIn(), as this works there. Their docs are...vague at times. Not sure if that's something you'd change, but thought I'd point it out at least to document for others. Trying to keep cross-compatibility otherwise I'd be using runInMillis() :slight_smile:

I'll pass it on to engineering. But I'd just use runInMillis() and take advantage of it :slight_smile:

My 'related' feature request would be to have 'power' as one of the tile buttons too. I'm LMS, not sonos so don't know if that's relevent in that world, but in LMS world it's helpful to be able to turn off/on players that are sync'd (rather than unsyncing/resyncing). I suppose that might be possible using a second switch tile to handle on/off, but my peeps are simple and that would confuse them...

While I'm pushing my luck, the slider is nice, but an increment up/dn button at each end for the volume would help with my fat cartoon fingers on the phone's screen... that slider is aweful small!