Dashboard menu hidden at top

The dashboard menu often gets hidden at the top of the browser and I can find no way to reveal it. A browser refresh occasionally fixes it, but rarely.

Android v9, Chrome​ browser.

Should look like this, of course...

Please change the dashboard settings by clicking on the cog wheel and change the grid size and rows to your desired number. This will prevent the overlapping of the tiles.


I don't think it's that. Because sometimes it's fine and sometimes it's not. The grid size is set it autoscale horizontally and set to 120 vertically. Once the menu bar goes missing it's not possible to adjust anything of course...

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What happens if you set it to autoscale vertically as well?

All the tiles will be squished up to fit the screen. Which definitely isn't what I want!

What browser are you using? Not the Hubitat app is it?

As above...

Sorry, my bad. Does it do the same with other browser, Hubitat app or just chrome? I use chrome browser exclusively on Android 9 but recently updated to 10 on my pixel phone and never experienced this. Wonder if it's the type of phone.

Didn't try the app or another browser. Chrome is the most supported based on reading many posts. So I don't intend to move to another browser. It's a Samsung S8+. The issue is intermittent. I'm trying to pin down when/how it happens...

Mine does the exact same thing some what randomly.