Dashboard lost all changes

I did a bunch of changes to my main Dashboard this morning; tiles, CSS, colours.
Happy with everything I refreshed my main tablet and my tablet in the office, tested the new links to the weather Dashboard and left to do other things.
While I was downstairs I refreshed that wall tablet as well and all my changes were gone.
Came bac upstaris and opened HE in the computer and everything is back to before I did any work. The new weather device is there and the API is working so it wasn't any sort of roll back.
No logs for Dashboards so I don't know if this is related ot the last system update?

Did you make a backup after you made the changes so you can restore that? https/http is stateless.

You know I didn't :slight_smile:
I always backup on upgrades or WebCore changes but the Dashboard....
Fool me once..... :wink:

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Out of curiosity, what platform version are you on? I can’t recall seeing this myself or reported by others… Yet…

Are you having any other issues? I wonder if there might not be a DB corruption issue?


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Neither can I, but I can imagine a scenario where Dashboard editing was open in multiple browsers, and a cached browser version was committed to the DB. It’s too late now, but it might have been possible to go back to the tablet on which editing was done, and refresh or “back” to get the changed version. Although I rarely use the Dashboard, l built it with Smartly, and Smartly always reminds me to save the results.

I don’t believe I’ve ever had multiple Dashboard editing windows open simultaneously.

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had it once made some changes to a dashboard on pc but had tablet running on same dash. and over did my changes.

I always close dashboards down now on all devices less the one I'm working on.

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Good point. I did have 2 Dashboard windows opened as I was referencing one while changing the Main Dashboard.
I did load 2 tablets after I was done/closed and the correct Dashboard version showed up though. It was 30 minutes later that the refresh reverted to the old Dashboard.
There is no "Save" on a Dashboard unless the backup would have taken a snapshot before whatever it was wrote the (possible) cache back.